Look After Your Car Better With These Basic Car Maintenance You Can Do

mobile car repairs riverviewCar owners mostly understand the importance of having a regularly maintained car and proper maintenance will add to the efficiency and quality of their vehicle. Regular maintenance also prevents major repairs and allows the car to give you better kilometres. You can take advantage of having your car regularly checked by also developing a schedule and car maintenance checklist to ensure that you will be able to give what your vehicle needs.


Make sure to check the tyre pressure daily with a glance and once or twice a month using a tyre pressure gauge. Keep in mind that if the tyre pressure is low, this will reduce the fuel economy but if it is too high, the tyre may wear out prematurely.

The tyres also need to be occasionally rotated and balanced as recommended by the manufacturer. To cut down on fuel consumption, make sure your tyres are inflated. This will also help to extend their life and brake pads.

Fluid levels

Also check the brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, and power steering fluid regularly. If one of the fluid levels are going low on a regular basis even if you checked it and you think there are no problems, you may need a mechanic to better address the problem. The fluid levels themselves can cause a breakdown on your vehicle if they are left underfilled.

Air filters

Air filters are one of the most overlooked parts in the car and you might just notice the filters once they become too dirty. When they become dirty, they can reduce the engine performance and can become partially clogged. Make sure to have this replaced about every three months if you are a cautious driver.