Benefits of Window Tinting For Cars

Window film looks so good on cars. It’s why many car owners choose to have their car windows tinted. However, the car window tinting is more than just improving the car’s appearance as it also brings other helpful features.

The principal objective of the window film is to block the maximum amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. It is designed in such a way that only a safe amount of radiation is passed through your car windows. The sun control feature of the window film blocks and the harmful element of sunlight.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Reject maximum of solar heat. Window film protects you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from infiltrating into your car. More importantly, this is good for your eyes and skin. Uncontrolled exposure to UV rays can do significant damage to your body like for example skin cancer.

Window tinting protects the car itself. The sun’s harmful thermal rays can cause damage to the car interior. Untimely fading, cracking or breaking can happen to the car’s flooring, dash, seat covers, and any part exposed to the light.

Anti-shatter. The tint adhesive reinforces the glass windows holding the glass together in case of damage or accident. The anti-shatter feature of window films protect the car passengers.

Keep your vehicle cooler. The front and back car windows are intended to provide you with a wide-angle view of the outside. However, this allows for a big amount of solar energy to enter your car. Uncontrolled exposure to UV rays is harmful to our health. But along with that, it also heats up your car to uncomfortable temperatures, especially stays out in the sun for a long time. Car window tinting filters the sun radiation that generates heat, it naturally keeps your car cooler during hot summers.

Installing glass films to your car windows is worth the investment. You are riding smart when your car has tinted windows. Having your car windows tinted by a tinting specialist will give the best look and effect. …

Look After Your Car Better With These Basic Car Maintenance You Can Do

mobile car repairs riverviewCar owners mostly understand the importance of having a regularly maintained car and proper maintenance will add to the efficiency and quality of their vehicle. Regular maintenance also prevents major repairs and allows the car to give you better kilometres. You can take advantage of having your car regularly checked by also developing a schedule and car maintenance checklist to ensure that you will be able to give what your vehicle needs.


Make sure to check the tyre pressure daily with a glance and once or twice a month using a tyre pressure gauge. Keep in mind that if the tyre pressure is low, this will reduce the fuel economy but if it is too high, the tyre may wear out prematurely.

The tyres also need to be occasionally rotated and balanced as recommended by the manufacturer. To cut down on fuel consumption, make sure your tyres are inflated. This will also help to extend their life and brake pads.

Fluid levels

Also check the brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, and power steering fluid regularly. If one of the fluid levels are going low on a regular basis even if you checked it and you think there are no problems, you may need a mechanic to better address the problem. The fluid levels themselves can cause a breakdown on your vehicle if they are left underfilled.

Air filters

Air filters are one of the most overlooked parts in the car and you might just notice the filters once they become too dirty. When they become dirty, they can reduce the engine performance and can become partially clogged. Make sure to have this replaced about every three months if you are a cautious driver.

Tips To Install Corners, Side Markers, and Tail Lights

mobile car mechanic service newtownLooking for a nice replacement for the factory amber lenses of your car? There are cool choices to upgrade your corner lights, side markers, and tail lights. In addition to the modern styling of aftermarket lights, you have the option to pick clear lenses for a nice aggressive look. These lights are also available in smoked lenses. The two popular lenses, smoked and clear, can make a dramatic change to the overall look of your car.

Which looks best on your car? It comes on personal preference. Generally, people base it on the body colour of their car, but both options can make a big difference to your car. These cool aftermarket lights are designed to give your car a unique look not seen in boring factory amber lenses.

Because these lights are made to original factory specifications using high-quality materials, the fit and finish are dead on. In fact, with some basic hand tools, anyone can easily install new aftermarket corner lenses, side markers and tail lights to their car.

Corner Lens Install

Replacing the corner lenses is easy. All you need is a long flat-head screwdriver, put it down to the top and bend the clip out and pull it out to the front. Remove the light bulb socket and you are ready to install the new one. Put everything back in place and as you push the lens into the opening to lock it into the position you will hear it click. That’s it.

Side Marker Install

They are really easy to change. There is only a screw, a clip and an electric part.

One quick note, to get the best end result you will have to replace the stock amber bulbs of your corners and side markers with stealth bulbs to fully eliminate any hint of amber. These stealth bulbs blend in completely with the lenses and still flash amber when they light up.

Tail Light Install

Remove the plastic panel at the back of the tail light by turning the wing nut clockwise. Pull the wiring harness outwards inner bulbs so carefully disconnect it. Unbolt the 8mm nuts that are holding the tail lights behind. Pull the tail light gently. Install the new tail light back and tighten up the nuts to secure it and plug the original socket. Install the plastic panel, secure it and you are good to go.

Replacing these lights is easy. You may do it yourself or have them installed by an auto electrician or mechanic. If you are not a fan or you have grown tired of the rather boring factory lights on your car, consider upgrading your corner lights, side markers, and tail lights.…

Mechanic Fails to Avoid

Many people lack the experience, when it comes to car service. So this means that they are easy targets. However, this just does not seem to be the right way to deal with things. Even if you do not have the proper knowledge (which is perfectly fine), you still need to figure out how to avoid mechanic fails and less than high quality service. The basics are not so hard to master, which leaves you to it!

mechanic fails

What to Look for in Mechanic Fails

First of all, you must make sure that the mechanic actually proceeds with the right car service. In other words, according to the mileage and the state in which your vehicle is found, the right work must be done. Change the oils and check the brakes, as well as the tires and everything else, depending on how far you have gone.

Then, you need to check the spare parts the mechanic is going to use. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. Ask for the receipts and double check that the mechanic has installed the proper equipment to your vehicle.

In addition, you ought to test drive your vehicle prior to departing from the car dealership. In this way, you will know if something is wrong. Upon leaving, hell might break loose and good luck with convincing the mechanic that the blame is on him.

Finally, you need to come up with trustworthy car service providers that will never fail you. A mechanic ought to offer high quality services and make you feel safe at all times. Think of auto mechanics at Scott’s Rods and you will know where to aim at. If you follow these tips and arm yourself with knowledge, then the chances are that you will always enjoy top notch car service without any second guessing or hesitation!…